Youth and Government

The YMCA Youth and Government program can help you get there!

Teens in grades 8-12 learn the democratic process by actually participating in multiple aspects of state government. Throughout the program delegates research and write bills, debate issues, vote on proposals, participate in committees, run for office and hear judicial cases. At the end of the year participants elect a new student governor to preside over the program for the following year.  

      • Learn presentation skills, how to write quality proposals and debating techniques.
      • Apply other interests in the forum such as newspaper editing and writing and
         press interviews.
      • Witness how the democratic process works.
      • Visit “The Hill” and experience our Massachusetts StateHouse from within.

This is the only youth program allowed onto the senate floor and other offices in the State House; allowing you to live the experience of a delegate from within.

It’s an experience that will change your life.

Youth & Government helps students acquire the following skills to take into the future:
      • Public speaking/communications (written and oral)
      • Greater understanding of the democratic process
      • Enhanced leadership skills
      • Application of the four core values of the YMCA: Caring, Honesty,
        Respect and Responsibility.

Are you interested in this program?  Come to our informational night on October 5th  CLICK HERE for more details.


Cody Ross